The Movement Issue



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Whether you’ve traveled 5 miles or 5,000 miles away from home, coming to college is terrifying in the best way. It requires not only moving geographical locations, but also embracing change in all aspects of life, from making new friends and discovering new passions to gaining new perspectives. Even as upperclassmen, we experience the same feeling of a fresh start—of unbridled opportunities—from the moment we set foot on campus each fall.

As we thought about this sentiment, one word seemed to capture it best: movement. We all experience physical, emotional and intellectual changes throughout our careers at Northwestern. We also grow within the context of political and social movements that shape how we think and who we become. And our style inevitably changes not only with the seasons but over the years to reflect these internal and external transformations.

In this issue, we explore the concept of movement and its various definitions. You’ll read about how two jet-setting roommates made a home away from home in Evanston inspired by their travels (p. 12), how moving your body yields emotional and cognitive benefits (p. 18), and why some NU students change their majors again and again despite the headache it may cause (p. 20).

As you embark on your first, second, third or fourth year at Northwestern, we hope this issue will inspire you to embrace all the change ahead with courage, curiosity and enthusiasm. Because it is only now, as seniors, that we begin to understand how each movement—each risk and each opportunity, big and small—has shaped us into the people we will inevitably become when we walk across the stage in the spring.


Amber Cline + Rachel Lefferts, co-Editors in Chief


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