Stitch Fashion


Stitch Fashion

By Alex Dickey



Sweater, Jeanne Pierre, Cotton Cable-Knit Sweater, $70,

There’s no better way to keep cozy in winter than a sweater, and no better way to keep peppy than with bright colors. It’s like a hug you can wear!

Hot Cocoa, Nestlé, Rich Chocolate Hot Cocoa Mix, $11,

Hot chocolate so many wonderful things: warm, delicious, portable, and cheap. There’s nothing like watching the snow fall with a cup of cocoa.


Scarf, H&M, Airy Scarf, $12,

Scarves are functional and fashionable. Pro-tip: some scarves can also be used as blankets, which, if you ask me, is the ultimate measure of an article of clothing. I actually have this exact scarf/blanket, and it’s becoming a regular part of my winter wardrobe. Since I can’t lend it to all of you, go out and get your own.




Movie, Hollywood Home Video, While You Were Sleeping, $4,

A class romantic comedy and quality winter film, this quirky movie was one of Sandra Bullock’s first big hits. This movie includes a cat, the city of Chicago, fun grandparents, mashed potatoes and lots of warm-hearted affection. Perfect for snowy weather.